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KG Perazim is a unique creative experience. Services include IT Design, Film production, Music management, Fashion insight & Photography services.

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First, we listen to all our clients. Our main goal is to fully understand each client's business concept and the environment in which it operates. We start by carrying out stakeholder interviews, followed by an assessment of internal strategy documents and relevant materials. Then, we perform a competitive analysis and conduct heuristic and analytical reviews of our client's current digital activities. Finally, we look at the problem from the user perspective, where we engage in primary research to fully understand the target audience and how they want to interact with the brand online.


KG Perazim goes to great lengths to ensure that every initiative has defined Key Performance Indicators and metrics for success, building in analytics to measure program or platform performance. Our measurement expertise spans Web, campaign and social analytics, which are often made available to clients as interactive online dashboards. Our work also includes evaluating customer relationship management. We look at how customer data profiles can be used to create a better, more relevant experience for users that strengthens their connection to the brand.


Based on the data we collect, we analyze all of our work, so performance can be improved over time. Multivariate analysis and test-and-learn methodologies are particularly important components of our approach to evolving client solutions. If it's an e-commerce experience, we want to see how we can continually drive conversion and increase average order size; if it's a subscription business, we want to look at how we can iteratively lower churn; if it's campaign creative, we want to see how we can improve banner performance. By continuing to measure and evolve, we can improve ROI and show how digital drives business over time.